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Value of Analytics for Wholesale Distributors

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Analytics can help wholesale distributors maximize profits, but it isn’t just about gaining insights from the data. It’s only those distributors who use the data to reveal where the inefficiencies are (and then act on fixing these problem areas) that truly thrive. Thanks to advanced business intelligence applications that incorporate supply chain-centric analytics, distributors are now able to truly understand their channels on a line-by-line basis, which can lead to better decisions and ultimately, higher profits.

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Using Analytics to Manage Inventory

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It’s true that inventory management is a challenge for both manufacturers and distributors. Each supply management issue that can arise has repercussions. For example, excess inventory can cause a decrease in product turnover and a loss of profits, while stock-outs can cause backorders, unhappy customers and lost sales. View Article…

Using Data To Align Your Sales and Supply Chain Teams

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Ensuring that your sales and supply chain teams are in sync is one way that you can enhance the customer experience. However, this does pose some challenges because the end goals of these teams don’t always match.  This challenge is further compounded by the global nature of many businesses, which depend on multi-channel distribution, multiple ERP and other business systems, and disparate reporting requirements.  For these companies and others with multiple operating units, achieving a single view of the customer across channels can be a massive (and often futile) exercise. View Article…

The Value of Business Intelligence and Transparency

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One of the biggest benefits that analytics can have on an organization is the ability to empower employees across the business.  That’s right … from the back office all the way up to the board room. When you give your people reporting tools that reveal not only the big picture, but the underlying details, too, they will solve problems and find opportunities to excel.

Having “nowhere to hide” can be a good thing!

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Operational Analytics: The Benefits Are BIG For Manufacturers

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Recent benchmark surveys of C-level executives at manufacturing businesses indicate that the focus of business analytics is shifting from customer insights to analyzing (and driving improvements in) operational performance.

As a matter of fact, research shows that by utilizing data, manufacturing organizations can realize benefits of up to $371 billion globally, with $117 billion of that coming from operations. Analytics tied to customer-facing processes, on the other hand, are now delivering just $38 billion in benefits. View Article…