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Operational Analytics: The Benefits Are BIG For Manufacturers

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Recent benchmark surveys of C-level executives at manufacturing businesses indicate that the focus of business analytics is shifting from customer insights to analyzing (and driving improvements in) operational performance.

As a matter of fact, research shows that by utilizing data, manufacturing organizations can realize benefits of up to $371 billion globally, with $117 billion of that coming from operations. Analytics tied to customer-facing processes, on the other hand, are now delivering just $38 billion in benefits. View Article…

Defining KPIs That Are Optimal For A Manufacturing Business

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kpis-measure-successDefining effective Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) that are optimal for a manufacturing business doesn’t have to be difficult so long as you realize what information will and won’t help you determine how your company is meeting its goals and objectives, and that you understand the interdependencies of KPIs on each other in meeting those goals. View Article…

KPIs: The Basics & Why Non-Financial Metrics Matter

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kpisKey Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide an organization with a high-level snap-shot of the health of the business through a set of agreed-upon measures that reflect progress toward the achievement of corporate goals. They give executives and managers the ability to focus on what matters most to the company. They align all levels of an organization (business units, departments and individuals) with clearly defined and cascaded targets to create accountability and track progress. They promote collaborative planning across the organization to ensure that everyone is operating from the same page. And, they provide a starting point for the performance improvement process by demonstrating whether a business is in line with its strategic objectives. View Article…

Gain Better Insights with Data through Visual Analytics

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Gain Better Insights with Data through Visual AnalyticsVisual analytics can aid in analytical reasoning by presenting complex information in a series of figures, tables, and graphs so that the data can be better understood. Overall, the human brain can find it challenging to sort through large amounts of complex information. Since the end goal is for organizations to use this data to gather insights, it can be frustrating if the information isn’t presented well. Visual analytics also serves other purposes, such as enabling the user to make repeatable decisions and to improving the decision making process as a whole. Here’s an overview as to how organizations can gain a higher value from data through visual analytics:
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