Gain Better Insights with Data through Visual Analytics

Gain Better Insights with Data through Visual AnalyticsVisual analytics can aid in analytical reasoning by presenting complex information in a series of figures, tables, and graphs so that the data can be better understood. Overall, the human brain can find it challenging to sort through large amounts of complex information. Since the end goal is for organizations to use this data to gather insights, it can be frustrating if the information isn’t presented well. Visual analytics also serves other purposes, such as enabling the user to make repeatable decisions and to improving the decision making process as a whole. Here’s an overview as to how organizations can gain a higher value from data through visual analytics:

Why Use Visual Analytics

In today’s fast-paced business environment, data is created and collected quickly. This means that by the time we are ready to view the data, the amount is so vast that it can be difficult for our minds to find patterns and organize the information. Data visualization is the science of taking this information and presenting it in a user-friendly way.

These user-friendly interfaces are changeable, so the visualization of the data can be customized depending on who’s viewing it from within the company. When the information is presented in a user-friendly way, it makes it much easier to analyze it to gain the insights needed. Most visual analytics platforms are also highly interactive, which means that as someone is undergoing an analysis session, information can be presented in different ways to encourage deep thinking.

Know the Visual Analytics Process

There is a set process that is used in order to explore visual data. This visual analytics process is predictable, which enables users to better understand the platform. Overall, the visual analytics process uses both automatic and visual methods while also respecting the power of human knowledge. The first step is to take the data and transform it in a visual way that is easily processed by the human mind. Once the data is visualized, the user can then interact with the visual interface for further exploration, which can deepen the insights. This deep analysis gained from interacting with the visual dashboard is at the core of visual analytics.

Visual analytics is a hot topic in today’s BI environment because it makes big data more accessible to members of the workforce. This means that it is shifting the focus away from dedicated BI professionals and allowing users throughout the company the opportunity to explore the information so that they can gain deep insights that will help them make sound business decisions. This shouldn’t be looked at as a way to replace more traditional BI insights. Rather, it builds on the platforms that the BI industry has already created. Visual analytics simply makes BI accessible to an enterprise’s whole workforce and is no longer reserved for BI professionals.

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