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CFOs: Taking Charge with Analytics

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CFO-and-AnalyticsSo much has been written about the promise of business analytics to analyze data for competitive advantage. But, who should own analytics? The CIO? CFO? Some other business unit executive? According to 23% of respondents in a recent Deloitte Touche study, the most frequent leader of analytics is the business unit or division head, followed closely by the CFO at 18%. Some 20% revealed there was no single overseer of their business analytics. However, when they looked at the area most often found to “invest” in analytics, finance lead the pack at 79%. View Article…

Good Visibility Drives Enterprise Performance

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VisibilityThere is an old cliché that says “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” While that is certainly true, the real issue is that if you can’t visualize it, you can’t manage it.

Visibility (and visualization) of opportunities and problems plays a key role in managing performance in all parts of the enterprise. View Article…

Are Customers Getting Ready to Stray From the Fold?

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Customer Fold6 Ways That Manufacturers Can Exploit Business Metrics To Maintain Customer Satisfaction

What a sinking feeling when you find out that your customer is getting ready to part ways and give their business to someone else. You knew something was up when they didn’t engage with you like they used to. You wondered why they took a pass on those special offers they used to jump on before.

Was it something you said? Did you miss the mark on getting product to them when promised? Has product quality been a consistent issue lately? Were you totally out of the loop on everything that was happening with the account and now it’s too late to save it? View Article…

The Problem with Spreadsheets for BI

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SpreadsheetsIf there is a more user-friendly software application that provides greater utility and flexibility than spreadsheets, I don’t know what it would be. For the past 40 years spreadsheet software packages have endured themselves to millions of business users in all industries and business segments as a means of simplifying their lives and providing a better understanding of various business problems. But with little or no control over the use cases, enduring users sometimes find themselves in trouble when it’s too late to correct errors within the spreadsheets; or even worse, to not identify errors before critical business decisions have been made based on the spreadsheet data. View Article…

Dashboard Design: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

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Dashboard DesignAs the benefits of performance measurement become more broadly known, analysts are seeing a tremendous uptick in the number of organizations that are implementing data visualization frameworks like executive dashboards to showcase key measures of financial and operational performance. But effectively highlighting a lot of information within a small space can be daunting. View Article…

Supply Chain Agility: How Important Is It?

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Agile Supply ChainAgility (or the ability to move quickly and easily) is a desirable trait in almost any situation ― particularly as it relates to the supply chain.  As its name implies, the role of a supply chain is to not only insure that the enterprise has the proper raw material supplies to produce the final product, but in a broader sense to insure that the enterprise is nimble enough to meet customer demands in a profitable way. It is a philosophically simple concept, but difficult to execute on a consistent basis.   View Article…

Why We Struggle To Optimize Inventory

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HeadwindsOptimization is defined as making the “best” of anything. The true meaning is in defining what is the “best.” In the case of inventory, in my opinion, it’s the balance between the improvements in return on assets (ROA) and the loss in sales and customer good will. That careful balance needs to be constantly evaluated in an analytical fashion from one operating period to another. View Article…

Getting SALES To Cooperate With Forecasting (Gulp!)

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cooperateThere are 2 and ½ good reasons to gain input from sales people during the forecasting process. First is to provide feedback on the financial budget vs. expected actual. And second, but most importantly to the demand planning people, is to collaborate on the final forecast for downstream planning. Of course, sales forecast vs. actual performance is a clear means for personnel performance evaluation of sales people. View Article…

A Demand Forecasting Checklist That Can Save Your Career

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Demand-Planners-ChecklistEmbarking on a demand forecasting project is usually a somewhat frightening challenge especially if you were the one pushing for the change. The cost justification for the project may have been aggressive and the expectations may have been set a bit high to get the project launched – it’s all part of the game sometimes. But if you didn’t do so during the justification phase, here’s a high-level checklist that can help ensure the success of your demand forecasting initiative while putting your career as a demand planner in the driver’s seat ― not under the wheel! View Article…

Debunking the Myths of Demand Forecasting

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Demand-Forecasting-MythsPutting a new forecasting system in place usually meets with a good deal of resistance for a variety of reasons – some good and some are just smoke screens to avoid accountability. Let’s look at the good, the bad and the ugly to try to uncover the real truth.

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