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Understanding Stratum.Server

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As the persoStratum Under the Coversn responsible for helpline support here at Silvon I’ve decided to try my hand at blogging as a vehicle for providing information to current as well as future users and administrators of Stratum. As we began to discuss this idea here internally, we quickly realized there’d be no shortage of topics. So to start, we’ve decided to begin with a discussion of the various products and technologies that make up Stratum.  A clear understanding of the Stratum architecture will make it easier for me to delve into the details of the many additional topics we have on our list.

Stratum is essentially composed of four main integrated products: Stratum.Server, Stratum.Planner, Stratum.Connector and Stratum.Viewer. These integrated products can be deployed across two different technology stacks as we will see further along in our discussions. I will focus on Stratum.Server today and the other three products in subsequent blog entries. View Article…

Welcome to Silvon’s blog – The Intelligent Enterprise.

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Welcome to Silvon’s blog – The Intelligent Enterprise.It’s our pleasure to launch this informational resource to Sales, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Operations and IT professionals – people like you who are often tasked with helping your companies plan better … analyze smarter … and manage performance shall I say – more intelligently!

We’ve created The Intelligent Enterprise as an information hub for sharing knowledge, insights and best practices in sales and operations planning, business intelligence and reporting, and performance management.  Much of the content we’ll be offering stems from Silvon’s knowledge and long-standing domain expertise in the BI arena.  We also plan to showcase the experiences of other subject matter experts and our own clients, too — representing a variety of manufacturing and distribution industry sectors. View Article…