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Measuring The Impact of Absenteeism on a Manufacturing Business

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AbsenteeismEmployee absence is expensive.  It’s an area that’s not often tracked; and even when it is, it doesn’t easily reveal its full costs or impact on business performance. Temporary workers and overtime charges raise costs – even as much as double the amount of wages.  And heavier workloads for workers on the job can disrupt daily routines and increase employee stress.

Making matters worse is the fact that so many companies lack the visibility they need to assess the impact of absenteeism on costs and organizational performance.  View Article…

Dashboards: Linking key metrics across the enterprise

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DashboardHow dashboards can help you gain greater visibility into corporate performance

Never before has there been more data available to senior executives regarding the performance of their enterprises. Pervasive computing and “big data” has made it easy to log and track even the most mundane details in the most obscure department. Yet therein lies another problem. There is so much data that many aren’t sure what to do with it or don’t exactly understand how to pull key metrics from the data in order to bring clarity to their business strategies and more visibility and transparency to their corporate performance.

That’s where executive dashboards come in.

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Stratum Database Maintenance Utilities

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Stratum Under CoversSilvon provides a number of utilities to help our customers maintain their Stratum databases. Three utilities in particular are very valuable based on our work with customers who contact us about potential performance or data integrity problems.

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Supply Chain Performance is closer to the bottom line than you think

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SupplyChain1Managing the Supply Chain dynamics that exist in many companies is not just about improving operational efficiency.  When we look below the surface, we see a complex picture that ties operational efficiency to customer service and overall company profitability.  That’s no surprise to any Supply Chain executive, but what is a surprise is the relative magnitude of the interrelationships. View Article…

Common Scorecarding Obstacles to Avoid

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ObstaclesScorecards are a key component of a performance management initiative, yet many companies are not satisfied with the results they’re receiving from their scorecarding programs. Why?  Partly because they may focus too much on the mechanics of getting their scorecards implemented and neglect to address the effectiveness of the scorecards once they’ve been created.   Based on Silvon’s own work with firms who needed help in this area, we found some common factors that led to the biggest scorecarding headaches.

Here are 3 areas in which performance scorecards tend to fall short of their intended goals:

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3 Business Intelligence Myths

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3 Business Intelligence MythsWith everyone jumping on the Big Data bandwagon, business intelligence software is needed now more than ever to help make sense of all the information. But BI can be a scary endeavor for many businesses. After all, it’s not only a significant financial investment, but launching a new BI system requires technical prowess and a keen sense of what matters most to the company in terms of performance measures.

Regardless of whether those skills and knowledge come from within or from external providers, business intelligence is surrounded by a lot of myths, half-truths, and misunderstandings that can set your project up for failure before it even gets started.

Here are three myths to be aware of: View Article…

Manufacturing Metrics that Matter Most

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ForecastingIn today’s manufacturing enterprise, executives and line of business managers are constantly bombarded with information, making it difficult to weed through it all to figure out what business issues need to be addressed.

This has prompted many companies to rely more heavily on their BI software applications to track the Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) of their organizations.  KPIs are financial and non-financial measures that help decision makers pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of their businesses and show whether they are in line with their strategic objectives. View Article…

Demand Forecasting Should Be a Core Competency

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ForecastingFor many US manufacturers, the business landscape has changed dramatically over the past several years. Not only have we endured a downturn in the economy, causing increased competition, but we have been lured to the world of outsourced manufacturing. So the question becomes: Where should manufacturers that were more vertically integrated refocus and develop core competencies? Certainly brand management, quality and even culture are long standing core competencies, but what — from a process perspective — makes the biggest difference? View Article…

Understanding Your Suppliers with Business Analytics

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Understanding Your Suppliers with Business AnalyticsRecent studies show that the ability to produce hard cost savings that impact the bottom line is now the primary focus of many procurement departments. Unfortunately, most manufacturers don’t know how much they spend, on which products, and with which suppliers. The lack of good data makes true strategic sourcing a statistical impossibility and the identification of hidden cost opportunities is virtually out of the question. Inadequate spend analysis costs companies $260 billion in missed savings overall. View Article…