Stratum.Connector Processing Options

Stratum Under CoversStratum.Connector provides different options for updating the Viewer Analysis Services cube and database with data from the Stratum database. Stratum.Connector V6.0 offered two main processing options. The recently released Stratum.Connector V6.3 introduced a third option. The various processing options were also re-named in V6.3 to better reflect their functionality.

Stratum.Connector process comparison by version:

V6.3                          V6.0-V6.2

Full                             Process
Standard                   Re-Process
Limited                      N/A
Post                            Post

Full Process

The Full process rebuilds the entire Viewer Analysis Services cube and Viewer database. This includes all dimension values, hierarchies, levels descriptions, attributes and all measures for all years. A Full process is required when there are metadata changes in Stratum.Planner or Stratum.Server that affect the structure of the Viewer Analysis Services cube. The most common changes requiring a Full Process are adding, changing or deleting dimensions, hierarchies, levels, attributes or measures. While a Full process is being run, neither users nor administrators can access the Viewer application.

Standard Process

A Standard process refreshes the Viewer Analysis Services cube with only the Stratum.Server category/values and master files that have new or changed data since the last time a Connector process was run. The Standard process also updates any based and rolling time dimension members and the Current period definition. This is the most frequently used Connector process for keeping the Viewer cube up-to-date with daily changes to the Stratum database.

Similar to the Full process, neither users nor administrators can access the Viewer application while a Standard process is running.  Stratum.Connector has logic that will detect some of the most common metadata changes in Stratum that require a Full process. When any of these changes are detected, the Connector will automatically switch to a Full process for the next cube build and then switch back to a Standard process for the next build. The Connector help text contains a list of the common changes that trigger the change from a Standard to a Full process.

Limited Process

New in Stratum.Connector V6.3, the Limited process allows for more frequent updating of the Viewer Analysis Services cube and database during the business day with minimal or no impact to users. The Limited option can be used to keep time sensitive data like Orders or Inventory as current as possible for users. The only users who may not be able to access Viewer while a Limited process is running are those users with roles that use dynamic user lists or migrated user lists from Stratum.Planner.

Post Process

The Post process always runs as part of the Full or Standard process. The Post process updates Named Sets, Calculated Members, User Lists imported from Stratum.Planner, Dynamic User Lists and Stratum.Viewer Roles. The Post process can be run separately from the other processes if required.

Stratum.Connector also includes a Diagnostic process. This process retrieves information about your Stratum environment as well as your hardware and network environment. This information can be useful for troubleshooting both Stratum and environment problems.

Stratum.Connector for Viewer leverages the functionality differences between Microsoft SQL Server Standard and Enterprise Editions. The Standard Edition does not partition a Stratum category into individual years; so when a Standard process is initiated for a category that has changed, the Connector rebuilds all the years for that category even though the current year may be the only year that has changed data. The Enterprise Edition does partition Stratum categories by year so the Standard process will rebuild only the year(s) that changed. In addition, the Enterprise Edition will process category/year combinations in parallel assuming the server has multiple CPU/cores available.

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