Silvon’s New Data Copy function lets analysts easily create sales plans, forecasts and budgets using existing Stratum data

Silvon is pleased to announce that Version 7.0 of Stratum Viewer is now available to all Viewer customers who are on maintenance!

Hot on the trails of V6.9, this latest product release represents the first phase of Silvon’s current product direction to give analysts and other users greater control over their Stratum data.

Release Highlights

  • A robust Data Copy function lets users easily add or replace data as they’re working in Viewer. Those tasked with business planning will find this new functionality a great starting point for populating sales plans, forecasts or budgets using current and previous year sales or other on-hand data.
  • New administrator options bring enhanced control over your Stratum data model and additional precision and convenience to managing what’s available for users in Viewer.
    This includes:
    • The ability to identify which measures can be used with Stratum’s Planning and Data Copy functionality.
    • Add new dimensions and/or measures to Stratum for use in other applications like Excel or Power BI without impacting Stratum Viewer users.
    • Eliminate clutter by limiting which measures and dimensions are displayed to users while using Stratum.
  • Updated view management helps you keep tabs on which views are ACTIVE and to move entire view groups in or out of circulation as needed.
  • Plus, a new Percent of Subtotal function / shortcut helps users add calculations to their views.

Silvon’s User-Controlled Data Strategy

Stratum V7.0 was driven by the Stratum Community’s growing need for additional data and the conditional requirement to build a foundation for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. To that end, our future V7.x releases will focus on:

  • Providing Stratum analysts and citizen data scientists with the ability to easily import external data into Stratum for analysis, comparison and planning purposes.
  • Adding functionality to help you easily manage your master data.

CLICK HERE to view the “What’s New in Viewer V7.0 Release Notes”

About Silvon Software, Inc.
Silvon Software is a global provider of business intelligence and reporting solutions for Food, Beverage and CPG manufacturers and distributors. Silvon’s solutions are predicated on the fact that a better business understanding will empower the move toward an optimized supply chain. The Company’s 2,000+ clients benefit from improving business practices and profitability by leveraging analytic information on products, customers, suppliers and operational performance.

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