Release Highlights

  • User-curated data in Excel spreadsheets can now be imported directly into the Stratum Data hub via Viewer’s Data Import. This is well suited for bringing demographics, budgets, market trends, plans, weather, and other outside data that complements your core, enterprise data into Stratum for analysis with the rest of your business data.
  • Our new web-based ETL tool called Stratum Link lets power users pull high volumes of additional core business data into the Stratum data hub from complex data sources. This can include data from ERP, WMS, CRM, or other systems, from standard or custom databases, even from IoT systems!
  • A new option to cancel views is available to you if you run the wrong view or a view that’s taking longer to load than you expected.
  • New administrative functions to monitor and cancel loading views and to keep track of their active user population are now available to you.
  • Plus, you’ll find many other convenience-oriented features in V7.1, including searching all views from the Favorite and Recently Used Views window and controlling the order of views attached to Actions.

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About Silvon Software, Inc.
Silvon Software is a global provider of business intelligence and reporting solutions for Food, Beverage and CPG manufacturers and distributors. Silvon’s solutions are predicated on the fact that a better business understanding will empower the move toward an optimized supply chain. The Company’s 2,000+ clients benefit from improving business practices and profitability by leveraging analytic information on products, customers, suppliers and operational performance.

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