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Loved by IT. Relied on daily by thousands of business users. We invite you to see for yourself what makes Stratum the lowest risk, most encompassing bolt-on BI solution available today for Infor Distribution software!


Pre-Built Reports – Just Add Data!

Pre-built analytics and reports let business users get up-and-running quickly in their analysis of operational-level data. Plus, they can easily expand their analysis into other areas of the business as additional data is added to the Stratum data repository.

“Stratum’s FAST to install.”

With pre-defined integration to Infor Distribution (SX.e, Facts & A+) and numerous analytics and reports already built in, Stratum can be up-and-running for you in less than 45 days.

“Stratum’s EMPOWERING to our users.”

That’s precisely why we built Stratum the way we did … to take the reporting burden off of IT while giving business users the ability to create, manage and broadcast their own reports.


With Stratum, you can generate an immediate return on your investment with basic sales reporting and performance measurement capabilities. Then, easily expand your implementation into other areas of the business and with other internal or external data sources.

“Stratum’s FAR-REACHING.”

Stratum provides a single version of the truth and flexible information delivery strategy that puts business visibility within everyone’s reach. Regardless if users are accessing Stratum’s BI data over the web, via Excel, through executive dashboards or regularly scheduled reports, you can rest assured that the numbers they see will be consistent … and accurate.

Total Integration w/Infor Distribution
(SX.e, Facts & A+), Other Data Sources

Information from custom Infor Distribution (SX.e, Facts & A+) tables, multiple ERP systems, spreadsheets and other external sources can be easily integrated into Stratum for contextual analysis with your Infor Distribution (SX.e, Facts & A+) data.

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Extremely Flexible Information Delivery

Powerful web-based analysis, highly visual dashboards, automatic alerts, report broadcasting capabilities, mobile access and Excel integration are just some of the options that Stratum provides for delivering consistent sets of info. to business users.