Purchasing & Supplier Analysis

Stratum gives you a clearer understanding of your purchasing and vendor performance. As a result, you’ll be armed with the information you need to …

  • Minimize vendor risk
  • Maximize your supplier relationships
  • Manage material costs
  • Leverage your supplier information to negotiate better contracts.

The Supplier performance areas addressed by Stratum include …

  • Supplier Performance

    • Delivery Performance
    • Pricing & Reject Rates
    • Lead Time Variability

Supplier Performance

Use Stratum to better understand the performance of your suppliers and maximize the relationships you have with them.

  • Monitor vendor lead times, schedules and fill rates to:
    • minimize incorrect material quantities
    • reduce short deliveries
    • eliminate excess orders
    • minimize the receipt of defective or wrong products and materials
    • reduce early / late supply deliveries
  • Identify vendors you can count on to deliver product at the right price and on-time with a low percentage of “bad” product
  • Buyer Performance

    • Orders Placed vs. Planned Lead Times
    • Delivery Performance vs. Buyer Plan
    • Lead Time Variability

Buyer Performance

Gain the visibility you need to see how well your procurement organization is performing with Stratum’s key buyer metrics:

  • Buyer receipt / not paid
  • Historical lead time
  • Open orders lead time
  • Purchase price variance by buyer
  • Purchase price variance by buyer / SKU
  • Purchase price trending by buyer
  • Transportation costs
  • Incoming material quantity
  • Failed inspection
  • Supplier on-time delivery
  • Supplier fill rate
  • % of parts delivered to point of use
  • % of transactions via EDI
  • Financial Analysis

    • Average Purchase Price
    • Contract Price Variance
    • Received & Not Paid
    • AP Aging
    • Approved Vendors
    • Payment History
    • Early Invoice Pays

Financial Analysis

Use Stratum to better manage the financial side of your purchasing organization with measures and reports like these:

  • Actual – to – expected cost variance
  • Plant receipt / not paid
  • Purchase Price Variance (PPV) by plant
  • PPV by vendor
  • PPV trending by plant
  • PPV trending by vendor
  • Vendor average purchase price
  • AP aging and trend
  • Days purchases in AP
  • AP average invoice
  • Vendor payment history
  • YTD payables by period
  • Vendor discounting and cash outflow
  • Purchasing Performance

    • Open POs
    • Expected Receipts
    • Request PO

Purchasing Performance

Stratum allows for the day-to-day management and analysis of your purchasing organization.

  • Gain additional insight into your ability to meet purchasing requirements
  • Improve your purchasing performance
  • Reduce unnecessary inventory investments
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