A Versatile Solution For Driving Business Insights From Infor LX (BPCS) & Other Data Sources

If you're looking for a well-managed business intelligence and reporting solution that supports Infor LX (BPCS) and any other ERP platform and can be easily used by everyone across the business, consider Silvon as your one-stop solution. With Silvon, you can confidently rely on our long-time industry expertise and Stratum solution suite with pre-built analytics, reports, and central data hub for housing and driving insights from all of your financial and operational data. Then experience the ultimate convenience of having us host Stratum for you should you desire.

A Low-Risk, High-Value Way to Succeed with Financial & Operational Reporting

In today’s information-rich world, financial and operational data is often distributed across many systems that are not always on premise. Plus, so much info is stored in spreadsheets for budgeting, forecasting and augmenting transactional system data. As a result, bringing all the data together for a more holistic view of the business … and doing so without a lot of manual effort … may seem like an impossible feat.

With the Stratum reporting solution by Silvon, this doesn’t need to be the case.

Offering total ERP integration, a modern data hub that harmonizes information from virtually any data source, and numerous KPI metrics, dashboards and reports already built in, Stratum offers a low-risk, high-value way to get up-and-running quickly with financial and operational reporting.

Complete Data Integration Leads to Better Business Visibility Key information from both transactional systems and external cloud-based data sources is easily integrated for contextual analysis with Stratum. All data is housed in the centralized Data Hub optimized specifically for analytics and with built-in tools for organizing, aligning and updating the data with ease. As a result, users don’t need to know how the information is organized … and IT staff won’t be burdened with user requests for help. Stratum provides a single version of the truth and flexible information delivery strategy that puts business visibility within everyone’s reach.

Example Business Intelligence Insights From Stratum

  1. Sales
    • Revenue & Profit Performance
    • Sales & Operations Planning
    • Demand Forecasting & Planning
    • Open Orders Status & Backlog
    • AR Analysis
  2. Marketing
    • Trade Funds Planning / Budgeting
    • Trade Spending Analysis
    • Category Management
    • POS Sell-Through
  3. Customers
    • Customer Value Assessment
    • Order Fulfillment Analysis
    • Customer Scorecard
    • Customer Segmentation
  4. Manufacturing / Production
    • Orders / WIP Analysis
    • Labors / Materials /
      Overhead Variance Analysis
    • Manufacturing Scorecard
    • Maintenance & Repair (MRO)
  5. Inventory
    • Inventory Planning & Modeling
    • Inventory Trends & Analysis
    • Inventory Position & Projections
  6. Supplier Relations
    • Vendor Performance
    • Price Analysis
    • Buyer Performance
    • AP Analysis
  7. Finance
    • Customer Profitability
    • Product Profitability
    • Operational Effectiveness
    • Price and Cost Analysis
    • GL Analysis
  8. Planning & Forecasting
    • Integrated Planning & Collaboration
    • Optional Statistical Engine

Adding & Managing Data for Analysis
by Stratum

Delivering Stratum Insights
in Multiple Ways

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Trusted Data Management
The Stratum Data Hub handles data from both standard and custom database tables, multiple ERP systems, spreadsheets and other types of data sources - managing it all without you having to understand the complexities of varied data models.


User-Controlled Data Imports
Stratum also enables analysts and others who work with spreadsheet data like budgets, forecasts and both product and customer attributes to easily bring in and marry their data within the hub for the purpose of analysis, comparison - even collaborative planning and plan maintenance.

Delivering Stratum Insights in Multiple Ways


Powerful Analysis Tools
Web-based analysis, highly visual dashboards, automatic alerts, report broadcasting capabilities, mobile access and Excel integration are just some of the options that Stratum provides for delivering consistent sets of information to business users. Fast access to high volumes of historical & near real-time data is possible with a data hub, along with the ability to easily maneuver to granular levels of detail to drive greater insights.

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Direct Access to Stratum Info
Business analysts and others can get information out of the Stratum Data Hub very easily for use in Excel, Power Bl, Microsoft Reporting Services and other 3rd-party tools. Having this ability provides better reporting accuracy because everyone is working with the same enterprise data (or version of the truth) that reflects the latest performance details of your business.

Don't have the resources to support an integrated reporting solution across your business?

Let Silvon host and manage Stratum in a very cost-effective way for you.

Speak with one of our product experts to learn how!

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