The Sales performance areas addressed by Stratum include …

  • Sales Analysis

    • Sales & Open Orders
    • Backlog
    • Open Orders vs. Inventory
    • Customer & Product Sales
    • Pricing &
    • Returns
    • Revenue & Gross Profit

Sales Analysis

The sales insight provided by Stratum is powerful - giving you and your team a leg-up on sales performance by any customer, product, geographic or organizational perspective.

  • Gain ongoing visibility to sales performance vs. objectives at any time with Stratum's daily flash reports
  • Use Stratum to balance inventory with open orders
  • Increase profit and revenue by understanding which customers and products drive your business
  • Rely on Stratum to create better pricing plans for you
  • Customer Account Management

    • AR Aging
    • Collections History
    • Discounting
    • Credit Status
    • Open Orders
    • Sales
    • Sales Potential
    • Gross Margin

Account Management

Count on Stratum to help you increase collections from your customers, decrease days sales outstanding and improve customer service by having greater visibility to these key areas:

  • AR aging by customer / rep
  • AR aging trends
  • AR past due
  • Days sales outstanding
  • AR average invoice
  • AR collections history
  • AR terms discount
  • Customer account status
  • Customer credit status
  • Cash inflow
  • Account open orders
  • Account YTD sales
  • Account sales potential
  • Customer gross margin

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