Are you challenged by Infor PRMS reporting? Outgrown your current reporting tool and need more than just a report writer? Looking for a solution that gives analysts and others easy access to your Infor PRMS data along with pre-configured analytics and metrics? Consider Stratum™ by Silvon: The high-performance, end-to-end data management and reporting solution for gleaning key insights from Infor PRMS financial and operational information.

User-Driven Reporting & Analytics for Infor PRMS

User-Driven Infor PRMS Reporting with Lots of Perks

  • Intuitive to use and requires no understanding of Infor PRMS tables or structures.
  • Comes with pre-built integration into Infor PRMS.
  • Includes hundreds of pre-built dashboards, reports, and KPIs for enterprise performance analysis.
  • Live, drillable dashboards and links can be embedded into Infor PRMS and other apps (e.g., CRM).
  • Offers multiple ways to adjust and view data in terms of time (e.g., season-based time ranges).
  • Provides pre-defined, advanced calculations.
  • Lets users integrate and explore other data in context with Infor PRMS data – like budgets, forecasts, market demographics, weather trends.
  • Offers automated email alerts and report distribution.
  • Provides seamless integration with Excel and Power BI for additional data exploration and visualization.

Built-In Data Hub Offers Easy Integration with Infor PRMS, Other Data Sources

  • Easily integrates data from regular and custom Infor PRMS tables, other ERPs and sources into a single, unified version of truth.
  • Optimizes the data for analytics with built-in tools for organizing, aligning, and updating it.
  • Doesn’t require users to know how the data is organized.
  • There’s absolutely no drain on system performance since queries aren’t run directly against your Infor PRMS system.

Brought To You By the Most Experienced Business Intelligence Solution Provider for Infor PRMS

  • Silvon has served Infor PRMS users for 30+ years – longer than any other BI solution provider today.
  • Our product experts bring many years of manufacturing experience to the table, too.
  • All training and support is provided by Silvon’s product specialists.
  • If desired, Silvon can host and manage Stratum in a very cost-effective way for you, too.

A Low-Risk Way to Get Started!

  • Have a conversation with our experts and receive a demonstration that aligns with your most critical business needs. Then, if you’d like to test things out using a small subset of your own data, we’d be happy to put together a Proof of Concept trial for you. At the conclusion of the trial, you will be in the best position to make an informed decision while having a solution in place that’s already producing key insights for your business.

Our Clients

More than 2000 companies rely on Silvon’s Business Intelligence solutions today.

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