Financial Analysis & Reporting

Stratum financial performance management capabilities helps both financial and operational executives better align strategy with operational performance by delivering financial insight that’s based on a “holistic” view of the business …

  • Drives a consensus-based budgeting and planning process
  • Fosters improved management of budgets and expenses
  • Provides a truer picture of bottom-line profitability by factoring in customer- and product-specific costs
  • Identifies areas for increasing profitability / eliminating high-cost, non-value-add activities

The Financial performance areas addressed by Stratum include …

  • Corporate Performance

    • Departmental Expenses / Budgets
    • Expense Tracking
    • Account Analysis
    • Department / Cost Center Analysis
    • Trial Balance
    • Financial Analysis
    • Income Statement
    • Profit & Loss

Corporate Performance

Stratum’s corporate performance management capabilities put you in a better position to “run by the numbers” using these planning, analysis and reporting features:

  • Collaborative budgeting and planning of department expenses / budgets
  • Financial reporting
    • Trial balance
    • Financial analysis
    • Income statement
    • Profit & loss
  • General ledger analysis
    • Supply chain finance costs
    • Order entry costs
    • Maintenance costs
    • Order fulfillment costs
    • Operations activity ranking
    • Department activity performance
    • Resource variances
    • Activity variances
    • Cost variances
  • Product & Customer Profitability

    • Profitability Ranking
    • Profit & Loss
    • Cost Breakdown
    • Category Profitability
    • Market Profitability
    • Budget Variances
    • Channel Profitability

Product & Customer Profitability

Stratum offers pre-built analytics and reports like these for analyzing product- and customer-related activities and their impact on profitability:

  • Product net profitability ranking
  • Product activity breakdown
  • Product segmentation
  • Product profit & loss
  • Category profitability
  • Customer activity breakdown
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer product and lost
  • AP / AR Management

    • AP Aging
    • AP History
    • AR Aging
    • AR History

AP / AR Management

In addition to GL-related analyses, Stratum includes pre-built measures and reports for assessing performance related to your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

  • View AP aging and trends
  • Analyze your AP payment history
  • See trends related to AR aging
  • Monitor your AR collections history
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