The marketing performance areas addressed by Stratum include…

  • Analyze syndicated data consumption
  • Consistently monitor competitive market information

Gain a much clearer picture of your competitors’ performance and the information you need to better market new products, sunset existing ones, and refine the promotional focus of your marketing programs. Use Stratum marketing performance management software to …

  • Channel Performance

    • Market
    • Syndicated Data Consumption
  • Category Performance

    • Performance
    • Growth
  • Trade Funds

    • Plan / Budget
    • Trade Accruals
    • Deductions Analysis
    • Promotional Effectiveness
    • Spending vs. Revenue
    • Customer Profitability
  • Point-of-Sale Analysis

    • Sell-Through
    • Retailer Performance

Channel Performance

Stratum’s channel performance analytics were designed to help marketers easily monitor data consumption and competitive market information to ...

  • Gain a much clearer picture of competitors’ performance
  • Pinpoint the information needed to:
    • Better market new products
    • Sunset existing products
    • Refine the promotional focus of current marketing initiatives

Category Performance

Rely on Stratum to help you identify category strengths, weaknesses and opportunities so your marketing campaigns and product introductions will be more effective.
Use its powerful category scorecard to spotlight …

  • Category growth areas
  • Category trends
  • Category underperformers
  • Shipments vs. consumption
  • UPC price analysis

Trade Funds Performance

With Stratum you can easily plan, monitor and assess the success of your trade fund and promotional activities from a single application.

  • Flexibly allocate funds to specific promotions
  • Identify unallocated funding with ease
  • Monitor funds / promotions at a glance to avoid overspending
  • Track and monitor claimed deductions by customer
  • Monitor customer accruals and which ones have been settled
  • Track deductions, which customers deduct the most, and why
  • Analyze customer profitability after spends and deductions
  • Assess how well your sales increase over a promotional period

Point-of-Sale Analysis

Count on Stratum to help you analyze sell-through and retailer account performance.

  • Improve your visibility to demand
  • Reduce inventory investment
  • Decrease returns
  • Increase customer service levels

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