Stratum & Excel: A Powerful Duo for More Flexible & Accurate Analytics

stratum power bi screen shot

Silvon recognizes the high-ranking spot that Excel holds among business analysts who handle sales, financial and operational reporting and planning activities. Our Stratum application was designed with that Excel community in mind – to help those users get even more value out of their favorite spreadsheet app.

Stratum’s Spreadsheet Import and Excel Connector Add-In are two spreadsheet-focused options that can improve analytical reporting and planning outcomes for your teams while also guaranteeing a single version of the truth in data shared across those teams. That’s because all of your enterprise- and user-generated data is stored in the Stratum Data Hub. The quality of your data is securely and rigorously maintained when you combine Stratum functionality with Excel. You’ll achieve better reporting accuracy, too, because everyone is working with the same enterprise data (or version of the truth) that reflects the latest performance details of your business.