With Stratum, you can …

  • Present performance views on-line or within a portal
  • Display KPI scorecards in dashboard format
  • Create and broadcast presentation-quality reports on a scheduled basis
  • Give users the flexibility to access and interact with their Stratum views of data on mobile devices
  • Plus, so much more!

Stratum offers multiple ways for your business users to get to the same data repository (or single version of the truth), so everyone’s working with the same data, refreshed daily or as often as needed.

  • Pull-based assess to sales, operations and other data is provided to business users for analysis and view building, executive-level reporting and very focused analysis of performance data.
  • Push-based delivery of information by Stratum lets you easily send key analytics to the mobile devices of your business users and to distribute both flash and management-level reports whenever you need to on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis.

Make It Easy for Users to Access Important Analytics

Stratum is easy to access and navigate with minimal or no user training required.


Even more importantly, it puts users in control of analyzing and reporting on your mission-critical sales and operational data with minimal to no reliance on your IT staff.

With Stratum , business users can access pre-defined views and click on active links to drill through rows and columns of data (even time periods) for more granular levels of analysis. They can sort and view information in Regular, Periodic, Subtotal and Cross Tab format … easily customize, group and save views for their own personal use later … and take advantage of its flexible time options (for example, to easily view promotions and other data from one year to the next even if the weeks of each promo’s occurrence falls across different time periods).

Better yet, users can very easily create and manage their own views of data, too — enabling them to analyze product, customer, supplier and other business information in ways that make the most sense to them!

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Present Your Analytics in Scorecards, Dashboards & Portals


Stratum offers easy integration with Microsoft Sharepoint and other applications, giving you the ability to present and deliver your Stratum data in multiple formats.

  • Create scorecards that help you evaluate performance more easily from a single view
  • Deliver dashboards that present key views of the KPIs needed by your executives to proactively monitor the health of your business
  • Develop portal pages of performance views and other web-based information that’s pertinent to and easily accessible by users – anytime and anywhere
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Provide Key Insights to Users On Their Mobile Devices


Stratum also brings data-driven, analytic insights to both smartphones and tablets without compromising data integrity or security. Business users don’t have to lose momentum in their work day when they’re on the road. With instant and constant access to critical business intelligence, it’s like they never left the office. Stratum offers immediate access to existing analytic content like dashboards, scorecards, reports and more – without requiring any modifications. Plus, the content that’s delivered is automatically optimized for interaction on mobile devices.

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Easily Manage Business Exceptions Using Powerful Alerts


A powerful feature of Stratum is its Exception Management and alerting functionality, which allows you to monitor events and exceptions that could significantly impact the performance of your business. Use it to define the business conditions you wish to monitor, such as poor performing products, inventory shortages or vendor delivery performance below your required levels. Once a business condition has been met, Stratum will generate an alert and send an e-mail to appropriate personnel for their immediate review. Each emailed alert will also contain links to key views of data that users can drill through to pinpoint the underlying causes of anomalies as they occur.

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Integrate Stratum with Excel for Even Greater User Adoption & Satisfaction


Stratum is a great solution for business users who are die-hard spreadsheet aficionados! Easily link it with Microsoft Excel and enable anyone within your business to save their Stratum views in Excel format and to analyze the data from those views in a manner that’s very familiar to them and with the same look-and-feel.

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Benefit From Flexible, Rapid Deployment

Stratum’s web-based viewer can be deployed on a Windows-based application server that’s interfaced to the Stratum data repository which can reside on a Windows or IBM platform. Absolutely no components have to be installed on end user workstations!

When you do business with us, the implementation services that you receive are from Silvon-paid employees who are 100% focused on Stratum and Silvon’s customers – not from partners who sell and service a variety of software offerings.

Silvon’s experienced team of Implementation Specialists is avaliable to help you quickly configure the system and to create views, scorecards, dashboards and customized reports based on supply chain best practices – giving you more time to focus on other projects that are strategic to your business.

Beyond all of the functionality that’s highlighted above and packaged in the base Stratum solution, three bolt-on applications are available to you to make it even easier for users to collaborate, analyze and report on data that’s stored in your Stratum data repository.

Support Collaborative Planning With the Same User Interface


With Stratum Planning, sales, operations and other business users can easily create and maintain budgets and plans and collaborate between groups. Plans can be seeded with historic sales results using the same data repository that supports Stratum’s packaged business analytics, new targets can be input with ease, and the results of forecasts generated by demand planning tools like the Stratum Forecasting application can be leveraged during the process.

Once budgets are complete, the web-based planning functionality of Stratum allows users to make changes at any level of the plan or budget and will automaticallly distribute those changes prorata to other levels, both rolling up the data to higher levels and exploding it down to lower levels. In addition, automatic e-mail alerts can be issued to appropriate parties using Stratum’s built-in alerting functionality, performance-to-plan deviations that have occurred, and more.

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Let Users Easily Create & Distribute Reports On Their Own


Another add-on solution for Stratum (called the Stratum Broadcast Server) lets users easily schedule and send business analytics to other users both inside the business and to partners, vendors and customers.

With the Stratum Broadcast Server, reports can be scheduled for immediate distribution or for nightly, weekly or monthly delivery on a regular or one-time basis. Users can easily set up report distribution groups and can mix and match groups for added flexibility during the report distribution process. Plus, multiple reports can be combined into a single deliverable such as an Executive Daily Flash packet.

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Provide Menu-Driven Views of Data to Select Users


Rounding out the add-on applications for Stratum is Stratum Express, featuring a simple-to-use and very focused single-page menu that provides consistent views of targeted information to a select user group or more general audience. The analytical views (or reports) are specific to users’ information needs, very easy to select from a list, and are easy to link to other reports so users can view additional detail behind various views. In addition, Stratum Express allows business users to easily select report filters using drop-down lists and search capabilities.

A U.S. division of one of our clients is using Stratum Express to see how well they’re doing compared to other divisions using the exact same views of data. No sorting or filtering of the data is required because everything’s pre-sorted and filtered within the simple-to-use facility!

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