• Customer Segmentation

    • Pipeline Analysis
    • Propensity to Buy
    • Opportunity Analysis
    • Campaign Management

Customer Segmentation

Easily segment, profile and rank your customers with Stratum so they can be targeted for additional sales opportunities.

  • Segment customers by Propensity to Buy to determine those who are most likely to purchase new products or more existing products
  • Rank customers based on the recency, frequency and value of their purchases
  • Organize customers into opportunity groups for up-selling and cross-selling
  • Compare actual to expected results by campaign
  • Value Assessment

    • Profitability
    • Discounting
    • Channel
    • Lifetime Value
    • Loyalty

Customer Value Assessment

Rely on Stratum to present your customer data in performance scorecards that feature key metrics like these:

  • Lifetime revenue contribution
  • Discount impact
  • Net profitability
  • Customer performance by month
  • Channel profitability
  • Customer trends
  • RFM frequency
  • Customer Management

    • Problem Analysis
    • Returns
    • Fill Rates
    • On-Time Delivery

Customer Management

Gain the visibility you need to see how well you’re servicing and managing your customer relationships. Use Stratum to monitor and track:

  • Return patterns
  • Return impact on revenue
  • Return reason rankings
  • Order and order line fill rates
  • Shipment rates (on-time / late)
  • Backorder duration
  • Problem severity rankings
  • CSR performance
  • Problem impact on sales

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