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An Iterative Approach to BI:

Best Practices Approach

A Better Way to Make You Successful

Over the years, Silvon has found that the best way to make companies successful with Stratum is to do so in short, easy-to-manage phases that yield results quickly. These structured phases can then be repeated over and over again as you need to address additional performance visibility requirements.

Our iterative, 4-step approach leverages Silvon’s industry domain expertise and easily configurable analytic applications. Ultimately as you decide to evolve in your use of Stratum, you simply add more data when needed and adjust the Stratum BI model to accommodate the insights you require. Of course, Silvon’s team of services professionals are available to assist you with your Stratum evolution, as well.

  1. Planning & Design: We help you set business objectives for your Stratum project and create a deployment plan that fits your needs … schedule … and budget.

  2. Data Validation: We work with you to determine the data you need to load into Stratum and take care of the imports, validation and any realignments that may be needed.

  3. User Setup: We work with you to set up security profiles for each of your Stratum users and help to ensure that they have access to the information they need … when they need it.

  4. Education: We also provide technical and user-based education to get your users comfortable and successful with Stratum the minute it goes LIVE.

    Plus, additional education is available through our bi-weekly, web-based INSIGHT classes and popular "Show Me" tutorial videos that are brief in duration, but packed with valuable tips and tricks for using Stratum.

That’s our painless approach to BI. Let us put it to work for you!