A Typical Stratum Evolution: Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise

Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise cone

Extended Supply Chain
Collaboration, Point of Sale, Syndicated Data

Predictive Analytics
Statistical, Outlier Detection, Inventory Planning

Decision Enablement
Planning, Exception Management, Collaboration

Performance Measurement
Scorecarding, Dashboarding, Best-in-Class Analysis, Exclusion Reporting, Segmentation, Actual vs. Target

Trending, Comparative Analysis, Flash Reporting

Although no two businesses address BI exactly the same, we’ve found that most start off with sales reporting and evolve from there to become more informed (and intelligent) about their performance.


The Stratum business intelligence system provides meaningful insight out of the box — with daily flash reports showing you what’s transpired since yesterday to comparative analysis and trending of information over time.

Use Stratum’s reporting capabilities to easily compare this year’s sales for a particular customer or product to the same period last year. See how well a seasonal promotion is stacking up to last year’s — even if it spans a different range of time. And gain instant visibility to whether your sales performance is trending up or down.

Then, when you’re ready to analyze more than just sales, our iterative model makes it easy to add more data and to assess other areas of the business with those Stratum analytics that matter most to you.

Performance Measurement

With end-to-end business intelligence reporting in place, Stratum’s Performance Measurement features can help you take your BI initiatives to the next level — in a very intuitive way.

  • Scorecards will visually show you how well you’re doing against established targets or goals … and what’s driving the score
  • Dashboards will enable you to see multiple analytical views at the same time − in an organized and efficient manner
  • Best-in-Class analysis will let you compare performance to a similar customer or product
  • Exclusion reporting will help you determine what your customers are or aren’t buying … and so much more
  • You’ll have the segmentation capabilities you need to group customers or products based on one or more attributes and drive new sales opportunities based on that information
  • Plus, Actual vs. Target reporting will give you immediate visibility to how well you’re performing to your budgets, plans and forecasts

Decision Enablement

Once detailed insights have been gleaned from Stratum's business intelligence system, you can use that information to enable the decision-making process and help you set plans and targets that look out into the future.

  • Planning
    Stratum’s built-in planning functionality reaches beyond the capabilities of other analysis and reporting solutions to help business users model out their sales plans, pricing, replenishment and more.
  • Exception Management
    Stratum's end-to-end business intelligence provides the monitoring and alerting capabilities you need to alert users when changing business conditions require their immediate attention. This ability to manage by exception means your company will be equipped to take proactive measures whenever anomalies occur to your budgets, sales, inventory, service levels, payables and receivables.
  • Collaboration
    Stratum also offers a secure environment from which planners and analysts can drive their sales, demand, operations and supply plans … and it fosters a consensus-based process for them in doing so.

Predictive Analytics

By gleaning valuable insights from your current and historical data and using those insights to make predictions about future events, Stratum's Stratum's end-to-end business intelligence provides the Predictive Analytics needed to drive business performance even further.

This higher-ranking segment of Stratum’s BI evolution “pyramid” is often used by Silvon’s customers to identify and respond to new opportunities more quickly. For example, by looking at a customer's historical purchase patterns, reasonable predictions can be made about the kinds of promotional offers that will keep that customer buying more — and more often — from you.

Other predictive analytics offered by Stratum's business intelligence system include:

  • Statistical Forecasting
    An integrated forecasting engine provides expert selection and numerous other models to help you produce an accurate, statistics-based forecast from Stratum’s enterprise-wide repository of current, historical and external data (like point-of-sale).
  • Outlier Detection
    Stratum’s outlier detection eliminates deviations in your historical data so that “inputs” to the forecasting engine are cleaner and more realistic in nature. For example, past promotional events and their relative impact on sales volume and item performance can be easily erased … ensuring greater accuracy of the new forecast you’re creating.
  • Inventory Planning
    Stratum’s predictive analytics also let you model inventory using a “what-if” tool for calculating Safety Stock, Service Level, Forecasting and Delivery improvements for you. Use it to model and optimize lot sizings and economic order quantities, too.

Extended Supply Chain

Ultimately, Stratum’s collaborative foundation lets you connect beyond the four walls of your business to your extended supply chain. Plans and performance information can be easily shared back and forth with suppliers, customers and others. And point-of-sale, syndicated data, and other third-party information can be easily assessed and analyzed in the quest to become a more intelligent business!