Web-Based Training Series
Fall 2020

Gain tips and techniques to help you better manage and use Stratum whether you’re new to the application, looking to explore more advanced uses of it, or simply interested in refreshing your skills.

Be part of the action with Stratum INSIGHT education!

Held bi-weekly, Stratum INSIGHT sessions deliver the know-how you need to exceed with your planning, analysis and reporting initiatives. The sessions are taught LIVE over the Internet by a Stratum expert while providing the opportunity for participants and the instructor to interact with each other.

INSIGHT is available free-of-charge to all Silvon customers on maintenance. Each class is less than 30 minutes in duration and kicks off at 11:00 a.m. (Central).

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Join us during this INSIGHT class to discover a less intrusive way of adding new dimensions to Stratum using the concept of “virtual” dimensions. We’ll discuss the differences between virtual and regular dimensions and when it makes sense to use one over the other. Plus, we’ll show you step-by-step how you can easily create a virtual dimension to support your analytical requirements and give your users the info they need at any given moment so they can react even more quickly to market trends and other changes that may impact your business performance. Knowing more about Stratum Virtual Dimensions will help you get the most out of our next INSIGHT session: A Preview of The Next Stratum Release.
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During this session, we’ll review the enhancements that are now under development for our next major release of Stratum. These latest product features include:

  • The easy definition and addition of new attributes to your Stratum data. This will allow you to group your products, customers and other data into new analytical categories.
  • Changes that allow additional formatting in your Stratum Views.
  • New EXCLUDE filtering options to go along with Stratum’s current INCLUDE filtering.

Come get a sneak peek at Stratum V7.2, scheduled for release by year end!
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As you’ve probably heard, Silvon is now offering a cool new data connector that makes it possible to take advantage of the power of Stratum in a Power BI report. Join us during this session and see how our Power BI Connector helps users and analysts easily populate their Power BI reports using your trusted Stratum data hub as the source. We’ll walk through the steps of using the connector. Plus, we’ll offer up some ideas on how you can best take advantage of this new Stratum component.
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Interested in being able to quickly and easily create and display multiple views of Stratum data on a single page without having to know how to program? Learn how to create simple dashboard concepts in minutes and supply the necessary dashboards executives need to guide the business. Come check it out!
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Make sure your Stratum environment is ready for the new year. We’ll walk through the items to verify so you are ready for the upcoming new year … and offer suggestions for getting your year-end tasks completed as effectively as possible.
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