Web-Based Training Series

Gain tips and techniques to help you better manage and use Stratum whether you’re new to the application, looking to explore more advanced uses of it, or simply interested in refreshing your skills.

Be part of the action with Stratum INSIGHT education!

Held bi-weekly, Stratum INSIGHT sessions deliver the know-how you need to exceed with your planning, analysis and reporting initiatives. The sessions are taught LIVE over the Internet by a Stratum expert while providing the opportunity for participants and the instructor to interact with each other.

INSIGHT is available free-of-charge to all Silvon customers on maintenance. Each class is less than 30 minutes in duration and kicks off at 11:00 a.m. (Central).

Course Information for Q2 2023

Join us during this session to see how easy it is to put a sales plan into Stratum and measure your performance to plan without having to go back and forth between multiple spreadsheets or apps! We’ll show you how more Stratum customers are bringing their sales planning data into Stratum from Excel to create multi-level plans. Plus, we’ll show you how you can take advantage of Stratum’s Data Copy function to easily “seed” your sales budgets and forecasts with existing Stratum data. Take the hassle out of sales planning even further with Stratum software you already own today!
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Join us during this beginner-level, step-by-step session to discover proven best practices for building your own Stratum views. During the class, we’ll start off with view building fundamentals and cosmetics and will progress to a number of ways in which you can create Stratum views with a business purpose.
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We invite you to tune into this session and discover the new charting features offered in Stratum Dashboards. During the class we’ll highlight several ways to visually showcase your data using gauges and a variety of other charting options. We’ll offer up some best practices relative to what’s too much or too little when it comes to charting your data. We’ll show you how to structure your charts so you can easily jump to views to see the underlying detail, and so much more!
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This INSIGHT class covers all of the steps you need to easily deliver Stratum reports and alerts to key users throughout your business. We’ll show you how to distribute views via email and file share and the most optimal way to build alerts in Stratum that notify folks about business events that require their attention. In addition, we will discuss and show you some of our newest features in Stratum 7.4 for managing broadcast actions.
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This session is designed for newer Stratum users. During it, we’ll discuss various ways to drill in a Stratum view and how you can take advantage of drill-to views to uncover even more insight from your data. We’ll also talk about subtotaling in Stratum, as well as best practices for applying and working with filter levels, measures, user lists, and other filtering options!
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We invite you to tune into this session to learn more about our upcoming Stratum V7.5 release, including its new glossary that provides a broader understanding of the data included in your Stratum reports. We’ll also show you how you can fine tune your reports with new filter types and easily monitor Key Performance Indicator (KPI) trends.
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