Stratum Broadcast Server:

The Solution That Puts Business Users in Control of Scheduling & Broadcasting Their Own Reports

Stratum Broadcast Server streamlines the distribution of repetitive reports to multiple people and is an add-on solution to the Stratum business intelligence software suite.

Building on the existing information distribution features of Stratum Viewer, Stratum Broadcast Server enables users to schedule and send existing Stratum views of information to other users without having to rely on their IT staffs to do so for them.

When might you use Stratum Broadcast Server?

  • To send a Daily Flash report to Management with key performance information and metrics.
  • To send a single email every morning with the most current open order and sales exceptions to multiple sales and operations staff.
  • To distribute weekly sales reports to distributors, making sure that each gets only their data.
  • To provide brand managers with a glimpse into daily sales or revenue-to-date every morning.
  • To proactively notify your Inventory Control team of potential out of-stock conditions.
  • There’s even functionality for broadcasting (or moving) large sets of data from Stratum to Excel for use in other tools and corporate systems.
  • The list goes on and on!
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