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With analytic applications and data management utilities already built in, Stratum is the only end-to-end BI software solution for manufacturers and distributors that does it all … from collecting and organizing data from multiple sources to presenting insightful analytics that help drive a more intelligent enterprise.

What Stratum helps you do:

ALL reporting from one place
Gain an immediate ROI
Deliver info to the masses
Easily compare and rank KPIs
Submit alerts automatically
Take advantage of the insights

Drive ALL of your company reporting from one place. Stratum extracts and houses information from your ERP and other transactional systems - and from external sources like retail POS and IRI/Nielsen. This way, everyone’s working from the same information as they analyze your company’s performance!

Gain an immediate ROI with packaged analytics that provide unparalleled insight and visibility to supply chain performance.

Learn more about the analytics that we provide for analyzing sales, customers, inventory, suppliers and other operational performance areas.

Deliver analytic information to anyone, anytime and anywhere. From your corporate office to the plant floor, remote sales reps, customers and suppliers, Stratum gets information into the hands of those people who need it most using a number of flexible information delivery options.

Learn more about them.

Easily compare and rank Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) using Stratum’s built-in metrics. These KPI measurements can provide a great starting point for performance improvement by helping you quickly see if your business is in line with its strategic or operational objectives.

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Submit alerts automatically to users when business anomalies require their review. The proactive attributes of Stratum “Actions” make it possible for you to easily pinpoint and manage exceptions as they occur. This helps you control operational risks, improve service levels, reduce costs, and more.

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Take advantage of the insights provided by Stratum to model out and predict sales forecasts, pricing, and optimized inventory levels. Its integrated budgeting and forecasting functionality lets you do so with ease.

Learn how!

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