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Data Quality in BI: It’s More Than Putting Lipstick on a Pig!

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Data Quality and BIData quality is one of the biggest challenges that enterprises face when it comes to business intelligence. If the data isn’t accurate, inferior reporting and poor business decisions that can have potentially serious consequences on the entire organization can occur.

When first examining the quality of data as you implement a business intelligence (or BI) solution, there are a number of things that need to be considered and several questions that you need to ask yourself. View Article…

Self-Service BI May NOT Be What You Think

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self-service-biOne of our sales reps recently asked the IT director of a mid-market manufacturing company if he’s considered self-service BI so his users could create and manage their own reports. I could hear his emphatic reaction to the idea as he blurted out over the speaker phone, “There’s no way I’d let users do that; that’s what I’m here to do!” View Article…

5 Ways a BI Competency Center Adds Value To The Business

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BI-Competency-CenterAccording to the Gartner Group, a Business Intelligence Competency Center (or BICC) transforms business intelligence, analytics and performance management from siloed efforts driven by the IT organization into business-driven, cross-organization initiatives. Such competency centers enable businesses to better control processes, costs, delivery, standards, security and compliance; treat BI as an ongoing program rather than a series of disconnected projects; drive BI adoption throughout the business; and, manage stakeholder interests at all levels through greater alignment with corporate strategy.

Here are 5 ways a BICC can add value to your business: View Article…

Dashboard Design: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

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Dashboard DesignAs the benefits of performance measurement become more broadly known, analysts are seeing a tremendous uptick in the number of organizations that are implementing data visualization frameworks like executive dashboards to showcase key measures of financial and operational performance. But effectively highlighting a lot of information within a small space can be daunting. View Article…

5 Steps To a Successful BI Implementation

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Sucess FailureImplementing a business intelligence (BI) solution can be a game changer for your organization by providing integrated insight into data from all corners of the business. Despite all of its promises, though, an enterprise BI implementation is more often than not met with mixed results (and failures!). This can include horrendous delays, huge budget overruns, data problems, and disgruntled end users. View Article…

Why Have a Supply Chain Information Repository?

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SupplyChainDataBig data and corporate data warehouses have been expanding exponentially with information that’s not exactly a benefit to the operations and supply chain community. Supply chain management requires highly specialized integrated data not found in corporate data warehouses to support a fast-moving global supply network and a more demanding customer base. This data needs to be gathered from new sources, transformed and enriched to be useful to supply chain professionals. But unfortunately, that comes with challenges like these: View Article…

5 Steps To Bringing Operational Analytics Online

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Operational Analytics-BThere is an increasing emphasis on leveraging operational analytics throughout the enterprise, but some businesses can end up less than happy with this strategic investment if they don’t approach it properly. Supply chain professionals can easily avoid some common errors as they implement the business intelligence (BI) solutions that provide those analytics.

Whether it is an entire suite of analytic applications, an inventory management solution or customer relationship management (CRM) analytics, here are five steps that every enterprise should take as it brings new operational analytics solutions online: View Article…

Good Data Visualization Makes for Better Business Decisions

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Data Visualization2In a recent study of more than 400 IT organizations using Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions, 26% of large companies have implemented dashboards and scorecards over the last several years, with another 13% implementing them currently underway. Mid-size companies are following suit, with 15% currently implementing dashboards and scorecards, and another 34% of mid-sized companies in the process of evaluating them.

The ability to visualize data is a critical concern for many of those looking to invest in business intelligence software. View Article…