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Setting Sail With Sales & Operations Planning – Part 1

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SetSailA number of business challenges are driving more and more companies to formally embrace Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). While the benefits are usually obvious, the challenges of implementing a formalized S&OP process are sometimes hidden and can be enough to sabotage a project if discovered after the process has begun.

In this two-part series, we will look at the various elements of the S&OP process and the considerations that should be taken into account while designing the process. This post will review the front end of the process and what drives it, along with the technologies needed to support and sustain the S&OP process. View Article…

Determining the ROI of Forecasting Systems

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ROI2Estimating the Return-On-Investment (ROI) for a new demand forecasting system can be difficult and requires an appreciation of the downstream impacts of more accurate forecasts.

An improved forecasting and planning system involves new software and highly specific consulting services to produce the desired results. Depending upon the level of sophistication, projects can range from $40K to $80K for software and consulting services. View Article…

Forecasting Information Hub Drives Supply Chain Efficiency

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Forecasting3From a manufacturer’s perspective, the effectiveness of relationships with suppliers usually nets out to be a function of price, availability and dependability (quality times on-time delivery). From a supplier’s perspective, the effectiveness of relationships with manufacturers comes down to profit, volume and consistency (order patterns).

More and more, information plays a key role in optimizing these elements not only for the manufacturer, but for the supplier as well. View Article…

Dashboards: Linking key metrics across the enterprise

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DashboardHow dashboards can help you gain greater visibility into corporate performance

Never before has there been more data available to senior executives regarding the performance of their enterprises. Pervasive computing and “big data” has made it easy to log and track even the most mundane details in the most obscure department. Yet therein lies another problem. There is so much data that many aren’t sure what to do with it or don’t exactly understand how to pull key metrics from the data in order to bring clarity to their business strategies and more visibility and transparency to their corporate performance.

That’s where executive dashboards come in.

View Article…

Stratum Database Maintenance Utilities

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Stratum Under CoversSilvon provides a number of utilities to help our customers maintain their Stratum databases. Three utilities in particular are very valuable based on our work with customers who contact us about potential performance or data integrity problems.

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Supply Chain Performance is closer to the bottom line than you think

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SupplyChain1Managing the Supply Chain dynamics that exist in many companies is not just about improving operational efficiency.  When we look below the surface, we see a complex picture that ties operational efficiency to customer service and overall company profitability.  That’s no surprise to any Supply Chain executive, but what is a surprise is the relative magnitude of the interrelationships. View Article…

Demand Forecasting Should Be a Core Competency

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ForecastingFor many US manufacturers, the business landscape has changed dramatically over the past several years. Not only have we endured a downturn in the economy, causing increased competition, but we have been lured to the world of outsourced manufacturing. So the question becomes: Where should manufacturers that were more vertically integrated refocus and develop core competencies? Certainly brand management, quality and even culture are long standing core competencies, but what — from a process perspective — makes the biggest difference? View Article…

Stratum.Server: Optimizing DALOAD on IBMi

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Stratum Under CoversIn a previous post I covered a few techniques for optimizing the performance of GISLSDRV on Windows.  In this post I will cover the same for DALOAD on IBMi.


DALOAD is most efficient if it can process all the EXTPNDXX input records in memory in a single segment. Once the size of the input records it must process exceeds the amount of available memory, DALOAD automatically breaks the data into segments for sequential processing. We affectionately refer to this process as chunking. View Article…

Guidelines for Estimating the Payback of a Demand Forecasting Solution

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ROIMost companies that make the decision to move to an automated demand forecasting solution are primarily driven by:

  • Obvious forecast accuracy challenges
  • Highly variable process that requires too much local knowledge of the company’s products – loss of a knowledge worker
  • Lack of time and knowledge to produce the detail level forecasts required to support a more efficient manufacturing or distribution system
  • Downstream inventory problems that are clearly driven by forecasting problems
  • An attempt to drive more cooperation and ownership between sales and operations through a consensus-based forecast

In this post, I’ll describe what you should expect to pay when making an automated forecasting solution investment.  And I’ll offer up some general guidelines for estimating the ROI and payback from bringing such a solution onboard in a manufacturing or distribution business. View Article…

An Evolutionary Approach to BI

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BusinessIntelligencePhased deployment is a strategy that favors an incremental approach to rolling out Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, typically starting with a single department or application within a company. In contrast to enterprise-wide deployment, phased deployment allows early lessons learned to shape future roll-outs and ultimately bring greater visibility and performance management to business users on an enterprise level.

Here’s a proven 5-step strategy to follow when deploying and evolving with BI. View Article…